Sunday, March 18, 2012

Update: Cocoon for Windows Consumer Preview

Following the release of the Windows 8 Consumer preview I would like to announce that the Cocoon framework for Windows 8 Metro-style applications has been updated to support the new bits. As usual the full source code is available for download from the Cocoon CodePlex site (to get the latest version go to the “Source Code” tab, select the first change set and use the “Download” link).

The changes include,
  • Code and project system migrated to the Visual Studio 11 Consumer Preview
  • Virtualization support converted to use the new ISupportPlaceholder interface rather than IVirtualizingVector
  • The VirtualizingVector class is now VirtualizingVector<T> for type-safe access
  • Improvements to the internal resource management
  • General tidying up of the codebase

Please note that due to a known issue with the Visual Studio templates in the Consumer Preview (see this forum post) they disable virtualization support for the GridView. Therefore although the VirtualizingVector and VirtualizingDataList classes will still work, they unfortunately fetch all items in the collection rather than on demand. To re-enable the virtualization support you can remove the ScrollViewer that surrounds the GridView, however this will clip elements a little strangely. Hopefully this will be resolved in the final release of Visual Studio, although I am working on a temporary workaround.
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