Sunday, November 04, 2012

Okra App Framework v0.9.5 Released

The latest update to the Okra App Framework has just been released and is available from the Okra CodePlex site and via NuGet.

New Features in This Release

  • Settings support
    • The framework now includes support for the Windows 8 settings charm. Custom application settings panes can be defined using the MVVM pattern and Okra will handle the wiring required to show the settings pane – I will write about this in detail in an upcoming blog post.
    • A SettingsChrome control is included to allow developers to easily match the settings UI of the default Windows 8 applications
  • The NavigationManager class has now been refactored to derive from a NavigationBase class with the base functionality. This allows the creation of custom navigation managers (for example the SettingsPaneManager)
  • Updated to support MEF v1.0.16
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes
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