Sunday, August 10, 2014

Okra Framework is now on GitHub

Anyone who has been following the Okra App Framework (an MVVM framework designed for creating great Windows 8 apps) will know that up until now the project has been hosted on CodePlex. From this point onwards all further development will be based on GitHub. The new url is,

On the new GitHub site you will find,

  • All the source code for Okra.Core and Okra.Data
  • All releases from v0.9.7 going forward
  • A new issue tracker for managing bug reports and feature requests (I have migrated all open issues from CodePlex)
  • Okra feature samples as part of the Okra-Samples repository

Contributing to the Okra Framework

As part of the move to GitHub I am aiming to be more proactive in accepting any community contributions to the project. The first thing I would welcome is the continued submission of bug reports and feature requests to the Okra.Core issue tracker and the Okra.Data issue tracker. I’m always interested in hearing in how users are using the framework and any problems they encounter.

If you would like to contribute any code to the project then I’d be really happy to accept pull requests (no matter how small). Try to keep these focused on one issue per pull request (this helps me get an overview of the changes before I merge them) and for anything but small bug fixes open an issue in the issue tracker first (so we can discuss the best way to approach it). Some simple contribution guidelines are available in the file at the root of each project.

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