Sunday, April 26, 2015

Okra App Framework for Windows Phone 8.1 (beta)

[Cross posted from the Okra Framework blog]

Okra App Framework for Windows Phone 8.1

Following on from the recent v1.0 release of the Okra App Framework, preview support for Windows Phone 8.1 is now available. This will be wrapped up in an upcoming v1.1 release, but as of today a beta release is downloadable via NuGet (turn on support for preview versions and look for the v1.1.0-beta001 package).

This package includes,
  • Windows Phone 8.1 support - Simply add a new Windows Phone 8.1 project and reference the NuGet package. The programming model is the same as for Windows 8.1, and most of your code should be sharable between projects.
  • Portable Class Library support - In addition a PCL version is included, which allows sharing of logic and view-models in a single portable binary between Windows and Windows Phone projects.
Get in touch with any bugs or comments via the Okra.Core issue tracker.

Okra App Framework for Windows 10

In addition to the beta relase, progress is going well on a Windows 10 port of the Okra App Framework. Whilst this is not currently available via NuGet, you can check out and build the code via the Okra.Core/win-10 branch.
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