Friday, April 10, 2015

Okra App Framework v1.0 Released

[Cross posted from the new Okra Framework blog]

I am really happy to announce that version 1.0 of the Okra App Framework has officially been released. For those new to the framework, it is an MVVM framework designed from the ground up to be great for creating Windows apps. Dependency injection is baked in to allow you to create easy to maintain, test and reuse code. A number of advanced features allow simple integration with application settings, app-to-app sharing and search. In addition a full set of Visual Studio templates is available to get you started with MVVM development.
For more information checkout the Okra Framework website.
You can get the Okra App Framework now by installing the Visual Studio extension, from NuGet or GitHub. Full details on how to download the framework are available here.
In addition to the release of the framework we have,

Changes from v0.9.8

Okra App Framework vNext

The next step for the Okra App Framework v1.1 is to support other platforms, in particular Windows Phone 8.1 and preview support for Windows 10. Much of the development on these features is already complete so expect to see a beta release in the near future. You can check out progress and submit bugs and feature requests on the Okra.Core issue tracker. For more information on feature progress on the v1.1 release you can look at the v1.1.0 milestone progress page.
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